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Carrot Bread

When I was a kid, we always had carrots in our garden. I remember pulling them out of the dirt, rinsing them off with the garden hose and devouring them like candy, without any regard for sharing the bounty with other members of the family. In comparison to our homegrown carrots, the woody, flavorless sticks … Continue reading


The Bitter Bite of Butterbur – Moutain Vegetables, Take One

One of my fondest memories of my study abroad days in Nagano is of the day I went out with my host dad to pick sansai, mountain vegetables. This term applies to a wide range of edible sprouts and buds that emerge at the end of winter. Finding them requires knowledge of local botany and … Continue reading

Culinary Autobiography (Abridged)

Our kitchen at home was done in roughly finished redwood, so it was dark in there a lot, but the east-facing windows over the sink flooded the room with warm, 10 a.m. sunlight on those wonderful Sunday mornings when we were all at home. Dad filled the windows with prisms. Standing behind him as he flipped … Continue reading

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