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One More Trip Around the Sun

Aside from that one year where I cried because my friends were eating all the Frosted Mini Wheats, I’ve got a lot of shining birthday memories. There was the year early in elementary school when pie fights were the in thing. If you’ve never had one before, let me tell you: they’re great. They’re especially great when you have a hot shower to wash the whipped cream off afterward. Unfortunately, that year we were camping. As the day became hotter and hotter and the oil began to melt into our hair, and… well, it was a memorable party, this much I can say. If I remember correctly, my mom had been seeing her then-boyfriend-now-husband for about a month at the time, and this was their first trip together. This story is a testament to the character of them both.

There was the day I turned nine while on my first ever backpacking trip through the Alaskan bush. I would be lying if I said I was excited about this – in fact, I spent most of the morning crying, and was about as far from “trooper” status as a kid can get. But I remember sitting at the top of an alpine ridge in the evening after dinner and watching my dad dig into his old kelty for my presents: a silver necklace, a bar of white chocolate and a can of Coca Cola. After all his efforts to impress upon me the importance of packing only the bare minimum, I was shocked. Best can of soda I’ve ever had.

When I turned 21 I was in Japan. I had just met up with a group of middle school kids from my hometown, and wasn’t expecting to have any time for a celebration. Not only did the chaperones – many of whom were parents of childhood friends – buy me a beer to welcome me into the world of adults, but a friend came all the way out to the amusement park we were at to bring me a cupcake, complete with a birthday candle.

Today I’m at work, but this evening I’ll be going out to an awesome restaurant with awesome people, followed by firefly viewing and a bottle of wine. There’s a birthday present from my fiance waiting for me at the post office, my mom called this morning to sing me happy birthday, and I opened the package from my dad and his wife to find, among other things, a new silver necklace.

So, to all the amazing people who surround me and make life awesome, thank you. Being born was definitely worth it.

And because food has only played a marginal roll in this post (will I appease you if I review the restaurant where we’re having dinner tonight?), here’s a picture of a delicious birthday cake I once ate :3 



2 thoughts on “One More Trip Around the Sun

  1. Happy Birthday Chelsea!

    Posted by Marlene | June 30, 2011, 1:30 pm

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