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WTF is Gazpacho Somen

Summer literally just started, but yesterday temperatures in the Kanazawa area reached over 30 degrees. The air conditioning isn’t on yet in our building, and we had to keep the doors and windows closed in the library to keep out sudden deluges of rain.  But yes, it’s summer, and time for all the delicious fresh … Continue reading

The Legend of Kanazawa Curry

I was riding down the highway with a number of my male coworkers, when suddenly my section chief motioned out the window. “Chelsea! Have you eaten chankare yet?” “Chan…kare?” The restaurant he’d pointed out was already behind us, and all I’d caught sight of was its dingy yellow sign. “Chankare,” he said matter-of-factly, as if … Continue reading

Cal-Mex Riceballs

In my last post on riceballs, I suggested the possibility of making riceballs out of tomato rice and filling them with avocado for a sort of Tex-Mex (Cal-Mex?) flavor. To the riceball purist, this would certainly be an abomination, but to me it sounds delicious – mostly because, as a Californian living in Japan, I miss … Continue reading

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