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Why I should probably cut back on blogging (for now)

Something unfortunate has happened to me recently. I have no appetite. It might be the heat, or it might be the fact that everyone around me seems to be leaving or moving or going through some kind of crisis, and I get sympathetic anxiety just watching them. It might be the fact that the end … Continue reading


Kinpira: A Bento Staple

What ingredient do all these bento have in common? (Hint: it’s brown and covered in sesame seeds!) My current culinary projects are still both in the works, so I thought I’d share a recipe today. Back in my early exchange student days, meals were a source of anxiety. With limited language ability and almost no … Continue reading

The Secret Ingredient

In the spirit of honesty, today’s cooking story falls somewhat short of success. I share a couple of hobbies with the women from the international circle in my town. One is food – they give me cooking advice, and sometimes ask me to join them on “lunch dates,” (the kind that start at 11:00 – … Continue reading

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