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Never Too Old for Popsicles

The air conditioning is on, and outside the sky is a solid shade of gray. On days like this, it’s hard to believe it’s actually summer out there. Back in June, we had some days where the temperature climbed over 30 degrees, but no one knew if we were allowed to turn the AC on … Continue reading

Gluten-free in Japan is a Tough Road to Walk

In a country where rice is the grain of choice, who would have thought that living gluten-free would be so tough? I had never really given this any thought until a couple of weeks ago, when our new, sweet, adventurous, gluten-intolerant ALT arrived. We stopped at a Japanese restaurant for lunch on the way back … Continue reading

Summer Superhero (a.k.a. What’s long, green, and makes a good curtain?)

Thank you to all of my dedicated readers for tolerating what felt like an intolerably long absence from blogging (and from real food, too). In these last couple of weeks, the major players in my life got massively shuffled. I lost a couple of my dearest friends (at least temporarily – I’m expecting to see … Continue reading

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