About Me

Could I interest you in a lasagna?

I’m a second generation hippie kid from northern California, currently living and working in Hokuriku region of western Japan. I enjoy hiking and photography. While living at home, I often lamented  that weather in the Pacific Northwest was particularly unfriendly toward such outdoor hobbies, but that was before I experienced Hokuriku. When work has me stressed or the rain is pounding on my second story windows, I always find myself drawn to the kitchen. If I’m not cooking, I’m usually reading, thinking or dreaming about food – and of course, I do my fair share of eating as well.

This blog is my repository for food-related photos and stories, as well as recipes, box lunches and restaurant reviews. Expect weekly updates on Wednesdays – right around lunchtime.



3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello, i love your blog. I am another Ishikawa JET and hoping to make a lasagna one of these days.
    Have you ever ventured to do so in Japan, and if so where did you buy your ingredients? Thanks!

    Posted by gcab27 | October 31, 2011, 1:01 pm
    • Thanks! It’s definitely starting to feel like lasagna season. I’ve never been shopping for those specific ingredients in Ishikawa, but I did a little research. Kaldi Coffee in Kahoku AEON (a little north of Kanazawa) sells lasagna noodles and mozarella (and they give you free coffee samples!) Otherwise, I haven’t looked myself, but I bet you could also find them at Yamaya in Kanazawa (type やまや 金沢駅西店 into Google maps).

      When I made lasagna while studying abroad, the only thing I couldn’t find anywhere was ricotta cheese. Fortunately, someone pointed out to me that it’s easy to make your own. All you need is milk, cream (生クリーム), lemon juice and salt (and enough time for the mixture to cool – about an hour). Check out this recipe: http://www.gourmet.com/recipes/2000s/2006/04/ricotta

      That was sort of a long answer – hope it helps! And let me know how it goes :)

      Posted by cheruko | October 31, 2011, 1:44 pm
  2. Profiled your blog on mine as part of the Liebster Award, which I pass to you! http://illmakeitmyself.net/2012/07/10/appreciation-the-liebster/

    Posted by Leah | July 10, 2012, 8:12 am

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