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Vegetable Garden Challenge

Back in May, my husband and I decided to tackle our first undertaking as a married couple and start a garden. Of course, living on the second floor of an apartment building means space options are limited to the one outdoor area we have – the veranda. It’s not a particularly big veranda, and it’s … Continue reading


Don’t Hide The Tofu!

When you think “tofu,” what comes to mind? In my hometown, school buses painted with psychedelic stripes are still waiting where their long-haired drivers parked them almost fourty years ago. These young people came to rural northern California hoping to raise their children (some of whom are now around my age) on a diet of peace, freedom, clean air and organic … Continue reading

Dear Blog

It has come to my attention that I allowed your first birthday to pass without so much as a card or a cupcake. Even given the time-consuming nature of recent momentous events (of which I’ve included appropriately food-themed photos below), for someone who has brought so much joy and purpose into my life, my negligence … Continue reading

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