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In Memory

“My first meeting with this shop was while I was doing a tour of Ishikawa’s bakeries. I wanted to hug the bag I bought the bread in.” Tabelog user はちみっつ、星三つ My little town of Tsubata isn’t big, and we have little to boast about to the outside world. Travelers heading toward Kanazawa or Toyama may … Continue reading


Adventures in Pie Making

It’s common in the JET Program for the person before you to leave things behind. When my fiancé transferred down here, he acquired a sofa, a large kotatsu, and a cupboard full of dishes. He was also left with quite a lot of food. We went through everything, threw some things away, but kept a … Continue reading

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s… a steamed pork bun?

I want to tell you a story, so that you will understand why today’s topic holds such a special place in my heart. There was a big, long period of my life during which I rarely wore skirts of my own free will. What ruined this tomboy streak for me was coming to Japan as … Continue reading

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