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Don’t Hide The Tofu!

When you think “tofu,” what comes to mind? In my hometown, school buses painted with psychedelic stripes are still waiting where their long-haired drivers parked them almost fourty years ago. These young people came to rural northern California hoping to raise their children (some of whom are now around my age) on a diet of peace, freedom, clean air and organic … Continue reading


The Legend of Kanazawa Curry

I was riding down the highway with a number of my male coworkers, when suddenly my section chief motioned out the window. “Chelsea! Have you eaten chankare yet?” “Chan…kare?” The restaurant he’d pointed out was already behind us, and all I’d caught sight of was its dingy yellow sign. “Chankare,” he said matter-of-factly, as if … Continue reading

Surviving In Japan on a Budget: Natto

I went to Kyoto and Osaka over the weekend, and came back basically broke. This is probably because I have a bad habit of spending unreasonable amounts of money on food while I’m on vacation. In any event, this means that I now have 7000 yen to my name, which has to see me through … Continue reading

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