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Anyone for Local Heirloom Veggies? Kaga Yasai, Take One

Well, folks, it was a long weekend. With the JET Programme year coming to a close in just one more month, it seems like ever day is a party. Winter loans itself much better to elaborate cooking projects – and blogging, for that matter. But there are some things that just can’t be appreciated at … Continue reading


The Legend of Kanazawa Curry

I was riding down the highway with a number of my male coworkers, when suddenly my section chief motioned out the window. “Chelsea! Have you eaten chankare yet?” “Chan…kare?” The restaurant he’d pointed out was already behind us, and all I’d caught sight of was its dingy yellow sign. “Chankare,” he said matter-of-factly, as if … Continue reading

What do Coal Mining, Cream Puffs and Quentin Tarantino Have in Common? Welcome to Yubari City.

Regretfully, after writing this blog for only four weeks, I have already missed a scheduled post – but I feel like my excuse is viable. My fiancé lives in Hokkaido, and his family was there visiting from the states last week. I hadn’t yet had a chance to spend much time with them, and I … Continue reading

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