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Lotus Root, Demystified

Without reading the title of this post, do you recognize this? If you said, “It looks like a sandy, dirty root,” you’re not far off. Renkon, the rhizome of the lotus plant, is a scrumptious winter vegetable that is popular here in Japan. But for those of us who haven’t had much experience purchasing meter-long rootstalks … Continue reading


Happy New Year, from My (Dirty) Expat Kitchen

“Sheeze, I thought I cleaned this place.” This is what I thought when I came back from two wonderful weeks at home in California. I have this agreement with myself that before I go away on long vacations, I clean. I know that two-weeks-in-the-future me will expect this from me, and since that’s one relationship … Continue reading

Adventures in Pie Making

It’s common in the JET Program for the person before you to leave things behind. When my fiancé transferred down here, he acquired a sofa, a large kotatsu, and a cupboard full of dishes. He was also left with quite a lot of food. We went through everything, threw some things away, but kept a … Continue reading

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