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Dear Blog

It has come to my attention that I allowed your first birthday to pass without so much as a card or a cupcake. Even given the time-consuming nature of recent momentous events (of which I’ve included appropriately food-themed photos below), for someone who has brought so much joy and purpose into my life, my negligence … Continue reading


In Memory

“My first meeting with this shop was while I was doing a tour of Ishikawa’s bakeries. I wanted to hug the bag I bought the bread in.” Tabelog user はちみっつ、星三つ My little town of Tsubata isn’t big, and we have little to boast about to the outside world. Travelers heading toward Kanazawa or Toyama may … Continue reading

Happy New Year, from My (Dirty) Expat Kitchen

“Sheeze, I thought I cleaned this place.” This is what I thought when I came back from two wonderful weeks at home in California. I have this agreement with myself that before I go away on long vacations, I clean. I know that two-weeks-in-the-future me will expect this from me, and since that’s one relationship … Continue reading

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