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Kaga Veggies, Revisited: Kuwai

It feels like winter has finally arrived. This morning, the drive to work was slowed by dense, wet snow and howling winds. Every few minutes, the early morning grey turned violet with a sudden, bright flash of lightning. Ah, thunder snow. How I missed you. I’m on an aquatic vegetable kick recently. Renkon is so … Continue reading


Lotus Root, Demystified

Without reading the title of this post, do you recognize this? If you said, “It looks like a sandy, dirty root,” you’re not far off. Renkon, the rhizome of the lotus plant, is a scrumptious winter vegetable that is popular here in Japan. But for those of us who haven’t had much experience purchasing meter-long rootstalks … Continue reading

Summer Superhero (a.k.a. What’s long, green, and makes a good curtain?)

Thank you to all of my dedicated readers for tolerating what felt like an intolerably long absence from blogging (and from real food, too). In these last couple of weeks, the major players in my life got massively shuffled. I lost a couple of my dearest friends (at least temporarily – I’m expecting to see … Continue reading

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