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The Secret Ingredient

In the spirit of honesty, today’s cooking story falls somewhat short of success. I share a couple of hobbies with the women from the international circle in my town. One is food – they give me cooking advice, and sometimes ask me to join them on “lunch dates,” (the kind that start at 11:00 – … Continue reading


Cal-Mex Riceballs

In my last post on riceballs, I suggested the possibility of making riceballs out of tomato rice and filling them with avocado for a sort of Tex-Mex (Cal-Mex?) flavor. To the riceball purist, this would certainly be an abomination, but to me it sounds delicious – mostly because, as a Californian living in Japan, I miss … Continue reading

Surviving In Japan on a Budget: Natto

I went to Kyoto and Osaka over the weekend, and came back basically broke. This is probably because I have a bad habit of spending unreasonable amounts of money on food while I’m on vacation. In any event, this means that I now have 7000 yen to my name, which has to see me through … Continue reading

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