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What do Coal Mining, Cream Puffs and Quentin Tarantino Have in Common? Welcome to Yubari City.

Regretfully, after writing this blog for only four weeks, I have already missed a scheduled post – but I feel like my excuse is viable. My fiancé lives in Hokkaido, and his family was there visiting from the states last week. I hadn’t yet had a chance to spend much time with them, and I … Continue reading


Black Garlic

I found this at ASPAM in Aomori City: Black garlic is made by fermenting an entire head of garlic in a hot, controlled room for a prolonged period of time. From the outside it appears like normal garlic, but the cloves, when unwrapped, are charcoal black. Its texture is creamy and soft, almost gelatinous. It’s a hot new … Continue reading

In Defense of “Weird Japanese Ice Cream”

Today I want to talk a little about a particularly concerning social issue in Japan, that of the aging population, particularly as it concerns rural areas. But because that sounds boring, and because this is a food blog, we’ll start by talking about ice cream. First, some background. The 770 km drive to Aomori took me about … Continue reading

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