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Vegetable Garden Challenge

Back in May, my husband and I decided to tackle our first undertaking as a married couple and start a garden. Of course, living on the second floor of an apartment building means space options are limited to the one outdoor area we have – the veranda. It’s not a particularly big veranda, and it’s … Continue reading


Kaga Veggies, Revisited: Kuwai

It feels like winter has finally arrived. This morning, the drive to work was slowed by dense, wet snow and howling winds. Every few minutes, the early morning grey turned violet with a sudden, bright flash of lightning. Ah, thunder snow. How I missed you. I’m on an aquatic vegetable kick recently. Renkon is so … Continue reading

Lotus Root, Take 2: Burgers, Anyone?

Well, folks, my renkon from last week is gone. As advised by the friendly vegetable man at the market, I made the crunchy, young end into kinpira. I used the same kinpira recipe that I use for burdock, modifying only the way the vegetables were cut. One of renkon‘s best qualities is its shape, so I … Continue reading

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