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Summer Superhero (a.k.a. What’s long, green, and makes a good curtain?)

Thank you to all of my dedicated readers for tolerating what felt like an intolerably long absence from blogging (and from real food, too). In these last couple of weeks, the major players in my life got massively shuffled. I lost a couple of my dearest friends (at least temporarily – I’m expecting to see … Continue reading

Fu 2: Cold Miso Soup

The rainy season has officially ended, and outside the mildly air conditioned haven of the office, summer heat is waiting like a giant with a sledgehammer. It’s the season of cold beverages, cold showers, cold tofu and… cold miso soup? I had some kuruma fu left over from earlier in the week. Unsure of what the … Continue reading

Cooking with Wheat Gluten? Fu fu fu!

As someone wise once pointed out, the cold, wet winters and hot, humid summers in Ishikawa lend themselves particularly well to fermentation. Not only does this have an unfortunate effect on the clothes in my closet, but it also means that, other than kaga yasai and wagashi, most of the foods that Ishikawa is known for are fermented parts of … Continue reading

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