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Plum Kakigori (Shaved Ice for Classy Adults)

Anticipating that average August temperatures would continue through the weekend, we prepared to break in the newest addition to the Hokuriku Kitchen – a kakigori (shaved ice) machine. Armed with this and a brand new book of syrup recipes, I was extremely excited to try my hand at making the most awesome shaved ice this … Continue reading

Kinpira: A Bento Staple

What ingredient do all these bento have in common? (Hint: it’s brown and covered in sesame seeds!) My current culinary projects are still both in the works, so I thought I’d share a recipe today. Back in my early exchange student days, meals were a source of anxiety. With limited language ability and almost no … Continue reading

Let’s learn to make Tamagoyaki (your future may depend on it)

Tamagoyaki (literally “fried egg”) is perhaps best described as a rolled omelet. Those who frequent sushi restaurants will recognize it as the sweetened egg that tops egg sushi. It’s good for breakfast or as a side dish at dinner, but it seems to be most popular as a lunch item, as it’s quite delicious cold. … Continue reading

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